Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Player of the Month- Xavier “XO” Slaughter- Saint Joseph’s University

Xavier Slaughter, aka XO, is a dedicated player that always finds time for his team “SJU SSBU Crimson”, despite juggling a full workload. Xavier is a core part of the team and had a huge impact on the team’s success this season, going undefeated (7-0) in the ECAC SSBU East Elite Division. Even though he plays for the Crimson team, Xavier is always making the other players across all four teams comfortable and excited, offering words of encouragement in tough times and among the first to congratulate a victory. Even with his hectic schedule, Xavier is a dedicated and fantastic addition to the team’s roster. 

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Rookie of the Month- Kaydence “Jinx” Gwinn- Concord Esports

Kaydence, aka Jinx, has been an incredible addition to the Concord Esports Grey squad and performed well in her inaugural ECAC season. She has helped the squad end the regular season with a solid 4-2 record and with the improvement she has shown on her main King K. Rool, she will help the team make a deep run into playoffs.

Rainbow Six Siege Player of the Month- Cole “Lunar” Samuels- University of Delaware 

Cole, aka Lunar, has led an impressive KDA across all 6 maps played this month, with 10.83 kills, 3.5 assists, and only 4.83 deaths per map. He was a huge reason for the team’s seasonal turnaround, and has yet to lose a map this March. His performance over the last month as well as his hard work and determination, propelled the team to a 5-3 record while pushing their teammates to improve.

Rainbow Six Siege Rookie of the Month- Brysen “Horrid_eyez” Heath- University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown

Despite being new to the esports scene, Bryson has shown great improvement and love for his team at a record pace. Only starting by initially having a small interest in R6S, he slowly began developing a love for the game through his connection with his teammates. Brysen has invested great time in learning and playing the game, while also being one of the most dedicated players during practice time.

EA FC 24 Player of the Month- Sean “sm8xx” Monro- Concord Esports

Sean is a diligent, hard working player, who plays EA FC 24 and on the soccer team for Concord University. Sean is a senior who has led the sports games teams at Concord for 4 seasons now. He has improved greatly since his start and keeps his team motivated on and off the pitch.

Counter-Strike 2 Player of the Month- Zach “AstrayHito” Gosnell- Southeast Missouri State University

Zach serves as the in-game leader of SEMO’s Counter-Strike 2 team. He leads his team in and outside of the game, supporting his teammates despite a wide variety of experience levels. Zach is a catalyst for the team’s improvement, teaching callouts and strategies to best prepare for matches and improve altogether.

Counter-Strike 2 Rookie of the Month- Kevin “kdawg” Kane- University of Southern Maine

Kevin is the newest addition to the Counter-Strike 2 team at the University of Southern Maine and he has proven himself to be a powerhouse in the scene. He is consistently present at any of the team’s practices and is always ready to learn and improve from his matches.

VALORANT Player of the Month- Jules “Logiclie” Fravil- Saint John Fisher University

Jules has contributed greatly to Saint John Fisher’s Valorant Red team. Serving as the team’s co-captain, he has showcased exceptional adaptability and leadership throughout the season. He has embraced challenges such as learning new roles and enhancing his shot-calling abilities to elevate the team’s performance. He is always working to improve his skill for the benefit of the team. Beyond the game, Jules has played a vital role in establishing SJF Esports, showcasing his passion and dedication for gaming! 

VALORANT Rookie of the Month- Juliana “Jujubee” Bouffard- Husson University

Jujubee has risen through the ranks very quickly. Despite being relatively new to VALORANT, she has showcased incredible natural skill throughout this season. She started on Husson’s club team where she was frequently at the top of the leaderboard in the fall semester. She has since moved up the ladder, currently competing on Husson’s junior varsity team as one of the top players. Jujubee also played with Husson’s varsity team at the ECAC Spring Showdown LAN event earlier this month. She is kind, caring, and dedicates a significant amount of time and effort into improving her VALORANT skills. She is a team player in every sense with an unshakable mental, making her mark on Husson University Esports.

Street Fighter 6 Player of the Month- Stephen “Stephen71” Vargas- Long Island University

Stephen has been a dominant player in his competition in both Super Smash Bros. and Street Fighter 6. He has helped coach LIU’s Super Smash Bros. team to victory at the ECAC Spring Showdown LAN event earlier this month and is now looking to secure a first place finish not only in Super Smash Bros., but also in Street Fighter 6. Keep an eye out for Stephen in the postseason!

Apex Legends Player of the Month- Charles “JustRecyclops” – Husson University

Charles was one of Husson’s strongest Apex players this season. Even when the cards were stacked against them, and he had to go into some games solo, Charles still showed up with a smile on his face trying to get as many points for Husson as possible. He always carries a positive attitude and puts his best foot forward.

Overwatch 2 Player of the Month- Heri “HarryMX” Patricio- John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Heri has been a pivotal part of John Jay’s undefeated Overwatch 2 team this semester. Heri has started every game so far this Spring, being our team’s starting Tank. Heri has held down the frontlines during our matches, being a big part of the team’s undefeated streak in matches, having won every match 3-0 so far this season going into playoffs, and the only team in ECAC OW2 Contenders Division to accomplish this feat. Not only is Heri a high performer, but he is also pivotal behind the season as a Co-Captain. He is vocal, respected, and is someone that others look up to. Heri also is a big motivator, uplifting others on our team to consistently improve and showing others their potential. Heri is always a positive person which has helped our team play confidently throughout this season. 

Overwatch 2 Rookie of the Month- Anthony “Astro” D’Amico- Saint Joseph’s University

Anthony D’Amico, aka Astro, has proven his dedication and skill countless times during his rookie year. As the flex DPS for SJU OW Crimson, and the future president of the SJU Esports club, Anthony is always willing to give any game, team, or player the time of day to help them improve. He proved himself early on throughout Overwatch’s changes, showcasing his high level skills on a variety of heroes, dominating the scoreboards with impressive KDs. He always aims to improve not only his own skill, but helping his teammates as well. Additionally, Astro also competed with SJU at ECAC’s Spring Showdown LAN event earlier this month for both the OW2 and VALORANT teams. He consistently drops 35+ kills a game as DPS and is more than comfortably shifting into the tank and healer role, proving himself to be an adaptable and irreplaceable teammate. Anthony is always willing to review and rethink gameplans, dedicating time and effort to improve. Keep an eye out for Anthony and SJU OW2 Crimson in the playoffs!

Rocket League Player of the Month- Jason “Giraffe” Oesterle- Sacred Heart University 

Giraffe’s incredible skill and teamplay has contributed greatly to SHU Rocket League Red’s success this season, leading the team into the postseason. Not only does Giraffe dominate in-game, but his dedication to practice and attendance sets a high standard for the team, pushing everyone to strive for excellence. Beyond his remarkable talent, Giraffe has great sportsmanship, making them an incredible teammate both on and off the virtual field.

Rocket League Rookie of the Month- Daniel “DumpstaDan” Huff- University of Southern Maine

Daniel aka DumpstaDan shows consistent motivation and dedication, always looking for supplemental practices outside of the team’s regular practice time. They are a strong representative of USM’s RL team, showcasing their skill at different tournaments throughout the semester. 

Madden NFL 24 Player of the Month- Austin “Womizzle” Womack- Mount St. Joseph University

Austin has finished with a 7-1 record in the regular season, heading into playoffs as the 1st seed in ECAC! He has consistently figured out and defensively dominated his opponents with game 2 usually being a far different game than game 1. He has seen success in previous seasons, placing 4th and 3rd in the last calendar year. Austin has proven themselves to be a force to be reckoned with. 

Fortnite Player of the Month- Eliza “Canis18” Cox- University of Southern Maine

Fortnite Rookie of the Month- Michael “Marz” Marziliano- Long Island University

Michael aka Marz started playing for the Sharkies Fortnite team last season and has since proven himself to be an excellent player for LIU. Marz has maintained a positive attitude and constantly motivated his teammates to do their best this season. He has quickly learned to work with his teams and looks forward to working with them during the playoffs.

Teamfight Tactics Player of the Month- Cecilia “thxnder” Nguyen- Saint Joseph’s University

Cecilia, aka thunder, has been passionate about playing Teamfight Tactics for SJU since ECAC announced their TFT league. Her adoration for the game only continued to grow, securing #3 seed in the ECAC Contenders Division. Cecilia is a vital part of SJU Esports, always bringing her kind and cheerful spirit into the esports arena. She is looking forward to the postseason and is hoping to bring a trophy home to Hawk Hill!

Teamfight Tactics Rookie of the Month- Michael “ASneakySausage” Morrison- Sacred Heart University

Despite their ups and downs throughout the regular season, ASneakySausage clinched a playoff spot in the ECAC Elite Division. In a division with tough competition, their high-level performance thus far is a large feat that cannot be ignored.

Call of Duty: MWIII Rookie of the Month- Michelle “Moshpit” Barikyan- Bryant and Stratton College-Albany

Despite juggling a full course load and working full time, Mosh still finds a way to make time for their team practices and games. This month, Mosh had the strongest tactical prowess of the team. Her commitment to studying in-game strategies secured vital round wins, providing overwatch for their teammates to successfully take and keep objectives. 

League of Legends Player of the Month- Weiming “Ming” Wang Lin- Brooklyn College

Ming has been one of the most consistent players on Brooklyn College’s League of Legends Maroon team throughout the month of March. Despite working part time, taking a full class schedule, and helping with his family, Ming has continued to be a top performer. Ming has taken on every challenge from adapting to a shifting bot lane meta, to taking a more active role in team communication. Ming also very notably carries a 7.5 KDA, advancing to the Finals of the ECAC Super Elite Division. His dedication to the Brooklyn College esports program, his academics, and his duty to his family are all things many players should aspire to emulate. 

League of Legends Rookie of the Month- Kyra “FloofyDoofy” Pinder- Stockton University

Kyra aka FloofyDoofy originally joined Stockton’s team as a substitute. Now, she is a starter on Stockton’s main LoL roster and has stepped up to the plate roaring, proving to her teammates that she is deserving to be a valuable team member and not a substitute. She has been the glue of her team, and has left a tremendous positive impact on the team’s gameplay with her goofy attitude and quick information gathering. She has truly changed how the team plays and strategizes for future victories.

Omega Strikers Player of the Month- Wayne “ShinyShoes” Ebenroth Jr.- University of Idaho

Jr. has shown massive growth this semester pivoting from playing on the Vandals Smash and League of Legends teams to having integral roles on both the University of Idaho Varsity Smash and Varsity Omega Strikers teams. On our Omega Striker’s team, Jr. has been a force to be reckoned with, leading the team with the most average KO’s and most average damage dealt per game. He’s helped guide the Vandals first year team to a #4 seed regular season finish and a playoff berth while being a pleasure to play and work with!