Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Player of the Month- Jayden “jay the knight” Cobb, Concord University

Jay is a piranha plant menace who has taken Concord Esports by storm! In Jay’s recent standout match, he was able to take 18 stocks in a row off of his opponents. Jay has been a fantastic member of Concord’s roster.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Rookie of the Month- Aisha “Lumine” Ali, University of Albany

Aisha “Lumine” has shown great passion and pride competing for the UAlbany Esports program. With high spirits, great energy and amazing teamwork capabilities, they have gone above and beyond in displaying what it means to embody the program’s values and UAlbany Esports is grateful to have them!

Rainbow Six Siege Player of the Month- Caleb “KingTut184” Tuttle, Elmira College

Caleb has made major leaps and bounds since joining the Elmira College Esports team last year. He immediately dedicated himself to the team and honed his gaming skills with continual improvements and meticulous strategy planning for the titles he plays for. In particular, Caleb has been integral as Team Captain of Elmira’s Rainbow Six Siege team. He is the glue that holds the squad together. Caleb takes initiative by planning practices, updating the team with informative gameplay elements, and always ensuring team communication remains high and positive, even when matches don’t go as planned. Unfortunately, Caleb will be transferring after this school year, but Elmira College Esports will miss the tenacious attitude and pure commitment he’s shown to the program!

Rainbow Six Siege Rookie of the Month- Gavin “Ceo_Of_Sink” Garcia, St. Mary’s University

Despite joining Esports at St. Mary’s University last semester, he has made leaps and bounds not only in-game, but in the community, stepping up to fill a leadership position, following the graduating seniors ahead of him. 

Freshman Gavin Garcia had a combined 34 kills over 6 maps in the St. Mary’s Rainbow Six Siege victories against Radford University, University of Idaho, and Southern Arkansas University with standout performances on Oregon and Chalet against the Idaho Vandals. 

Counter-Strike 2 Player of the Month- Cody “clrx” Plumley, University of Southern Maine

Counter-Strike 2 Rookie of the Month- Nils “ReFuZR” Groot, Fisher College

In Nils first semester at Fisher College, he has wasted no time, proving himself to be a dominant force in ECAC. Nils is a crucial player on Fisher College’s Counter-Strike 2 roster, bringing the team to a 3-0 record to start the month.

VALORANT Player of the Month- Ben “Nyxour” Worsnup, University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown

Ben is both an excellent gamer and fantastic team leader. He is an outstanding mentor and excellent individual to be around. Ben is responsible for scheduling practices and organizing team building events for the Mountain Cat Esports Rocket League team. As a founding member of the esports club, he has continued his contributions as a player, mentor, and member of the organization.

VALORANT Rookie of the Month- Owen “BeanBaller” Bean, University of Southern Maine

NBA 2K24 Player of the Month- Cooper “Swayzy33” Swan, University of Southern Maine

NBA 2K24 Rookie of the Month- Khaireh “PassTheEbt” Dualeh, University of Southern Maine

Street Fighter 6 Player of the Month- Mike “SonicSp33d” Lawrence, University of Southern Maine

Street Fighter 6 Rookie of the Month- Demitri “DMaster24” Miner, University of Southern Maine

Apex Legends Player of the Month- Sam “Samgoomba” Roy, University of Southern Maine

Apex Legends Rookie of the Month- Courtois “Chryaton” Mugabo, University of Southern Maine

Overwatch 2 Player of the Month- Cam “camerooner” Miller, Endicott College

Cam has proven themself to be a strong leader this season. Being a dominant force in final fights, Cam delivered strong game-winning plays, securing wins for his team. Serving as the Overwatch 2 Team Captain at Endicott College, Cam has shown exceptional leadership skills, holding teammates accountable and creating an environment where players can speak freely, ensuring constant improvement to ensure the best season possible.

Overwatch 2 Rookie of the Month- Caleb “Zylalyz” Cummings, Elmira College

In his very first season playing Overwatch, Caleb has proven to have the talent and overall game sense necessary to be an integral member of Elmira’s Overwatch team. Caleb has helped Soaring Eagles Overwatch Team Gold, a newly formed team this semester, to a 2-2 start in the playoff hunt! Caleb continues to improve across the board and his coaches are excited to see what the freshman can do in his future seasons with Elmira College Esports! 

Rocket League Player of the Month- Tayshawn “Pepfromtheville” Peppers, St. Thomas University

Tayshawn always gives his all day in and day out, motivating his teammates to perform at the highest level, all while maintaining excellent grades in the classroom. He is a great example of what it means to be a student athlete. Tayshawn brings the energy to St. Thomas University’s Esports program.

Rocket League Rookie of the Month- Lorenzo “Kyono” Romero, Huntingdon College

Lorenzo is a new member of Huntingdon College Esports. Since his start in the spring,  he has been an excellent teammate, leading his team to a 4-0 start to the season. With big shoes to fill, Lorenzo has taken the position in stride with clutch assists and saves. In his short time in the program, Lorenzo has stepped up to the plate making a major impact on Huntington College’s success.

EA FC 24 Player of the Month- Valentin “El L1mon” Fernandez Lopez, Concord University 

Valentin is a student who lives for futbol. He is a star player on the Concord University soccer team and translates his skills to EA FC each week. He is currently undefeated this season and is the lead player on the EA FC roster at Concord University.  His aggressive playstyle has led to high scoring games and breaking ties in the golden rule, proving himself to be a strong force in the league.

Madden NFL 24 Rookie of the Month- Devin “Dimer” Morales, Post University

Dimer came into the league this season eager to prove himself. He has spent countless hours working with Post University’s other Madden players and their coach, crafting advanced offensive and defensive schemes, all while staying on top of his academics. Dimer’s hard work has begun to pay off, finding himself with a 4-1 season record thus far. 

Fortnite Player of the Month- Zackary “Kazz_2025” Dixon, Long Island University

Zack has demonstrated consistent dedication to Fortnite, showing great improvements throughout his time at Long Island University Esports. He can be found almost always practicing his craft, looking to improve and plan new strategies to secure a win each week.

Fortnite Rookie of the Month- Juan “LaGatoPedia”  Diego Chaparro Vill, Stockton University

Juan has made this semester incredibly enjoyable and has contributed to a positive and extraordinarily friendly environment for Stockton University as a whole. Despite only joining the program this semester, Juan has made great strides to learn and grow into an amazing teammate, helping his duo place relatively high in the Fortnite leaderboards. While being an active member of the Stockton University community, Juan ensures to make time to play and practice for ECAC, shaping him into a great role model for all other players.

Teamfight Tactics Rookie of the Month- Luke “Lupine” O’Connor, University of Southern Maine

Call of Duty: MWIII Player of the Month- Robert “Delly#1679538” Dalessandro, Grand Canyon University

Robert, with 6 matches played so far this season, amassing an impressive KD Ratio along the way. His hard work has proven to pay off, allowing him to become one of the top scoreboard leaders in Grand Canyon University history. Robert has an impressive ability to discover perfect angles to support his teammates and win crucial fights. His success as a strong in-game leader has led his team to success this spring season.

Call of Duty: MWIII Rookie of the Month- Connor “Drakkin555” Graham, Randolph-Macon College

Connor has gone above and beyond this year for Randolph-Macon College Esports. He has filled roles across multiple game titles including Overwatch, League of Legends, Counter Strike 2, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III, and Teamfight Tactics. He also volunteers at all esports sponsored events both on and off campus. He has been a great addition to the RMC Esports Program!

League of Legends Player of the Month- Luke “emeraldviper22” Page, University of Southern Maine

League of Legends Rookie of the Month- Brady “BK25” Kennedy, Concord University

Brady is a talented student leader and was named team captain his freshman year! He leads his team from the front, dedicating time to the grind and encourages his teammates to take lead in the game. He is the energy and mental backbone of the squad. Brady has found success in ECAC already and the Concord University Esports program is excited to watch him succeed over the years.