Overwatch 2 Player of the Month – Kirill “Slezkin” Camp, Catawba College

Kirill is the unsung hero of the CATU Overwatch team. As the lone tank player on the roster, Kirill was asked to step up, learn, re-learn, and maintain a high level of skill and understanding of Overwatch 2 all season long. Kirill arrived ready to work and put in maximum effort each and every day. This is reflected strongly in the Overwatch team’s success this season. Kirill’s gameplay and great teamwork allowed his teammates to shine throughout the season, ending with a championship victory. Kirill additionally made the ECAC Academic Honors with a 3.5 GPA.

Overwatch 2 Rookie of the Month – Sam “Samgooba” Roy, University of Southern Maine

VALORANT Player of the Month – Tristan “Tman” Sciortino, Siena Heights University

Tristan has helped lead the first SHU Saints Valorant team into playoffs with an undefeated regular season record. Tristan has continued to excel as a sentinel player with precise callouts and consistent utility delivery in rounds while remaining calm through changes and timeouts. Tristan and the SHU Saints Valorant team took home the silver in the ECAC Fall 2023 Valorant Elite Division.

VALORANT Rookie of the Month – Shitab “Mr. Meow” Salim, Saint Joseph’s University

“Mr. Meow” has been a foundational rock in the SJU Valorant Crimson team. Playing as the only one of two freshmen/rookies on the team, “Mr. Meow” proved to be the resident top-frag throughout the semester, maintaining high team morale as they move forward. As a flex player on the starting lineup, he attended the ECAC Winter Showdown LAN event as the only freshman for SJU and performed stunningly. With high ACS and always keeping a position near the top, “Mr. Meow” is not only a great player in the game, but also has a great attitude. He always knows how to get the team laughing again, no matter the situation.

Rocket League Player of the Month – Ian “I.D.” Dudley, University of Southern Maine

Rocket League Rookie of the Month – Evan “EvanRL” Braidwood, Neumann University

Despite this season being Evan’s first on the Neumann Rocket League team, Evan scored over 40 goals in the Fall 2023 playoffs, cementing himself as a strong player in the scene. Evan is the shot-caller for the team, leading them into the ECAC finals for the first time in program history! Evan and his team took home the silver in the ECAC Rocket League Rivals division.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Player of the Month – Michael “UnknownBow33” Brown, University of Southern Maine

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Rookie of the Month – Will “Deo” Jaskiewicz, University of Southern Maine

Fortnite Player of the Month – Eliza “Canis18” Cox, University of Southern Maine

Fortnite Rookie of the Month – Andy “Aimer Legend 9” Sarkesian, Siena Heights University

Andy led the Siena Heights Fortnite Duos team to the ECAC finals this season and has shown significant growth through communication and leadership in drop and advancement callouts. Andy additionally served as the lead for the SHU Fortnite Trios team for Siena Heights.

NBA 2K Player of the Month – Darius “Nyhe” Bryant, Neumann University 

Darius entered the season as the reigning champion of ECAC’s NBA 2K24 league. In this fall season, Darius has maintained his top position, finishing second in the NBA 2K24 1v1 division. In addition to his play as an individual, Darius is also the team captain of Neumann’s NBA 2K24 3v3 team, who took home the championship gold!

League of Legends Player of the Month – Matthew “LilTimmy” Peeler, Catawba College

Matthew, in his first year of ECAC competition, role swapped to jungle. Matthew quickly adjusted to the new role, studying and practicing every day. His ability to adapt and proliferate helped the Catawba League of Legends team reach the finals for the ECAC League of Legends Rivals division, who took home the silver this season. Matthew has been an instrumental part of the team, playing both carry and tank roles in the jungle seamlessly. Matthew additionally made the ECAC Academic Honors list with a 3.9 GPA.

League of Legends Rookie of the Month – Anthony “Tony117” Lam, University at Albany

Tony, as a freshman and first time joining the esports team, has improved tremendously. From the beginning of the semester to the end, his improvement is undeniable. He is willing to correct his mistakes, learn how to improve, and is willing to practice to fix them.

Rainbow Six Siege Player of the Month – Landon “Weaver” Weaver, University of Southern Maine

Rainbow Six Siege Rookie of the Month – Brayden “Friedpotato” Gurney, University of Southern Maine

Counter-Strike 2 Player of the Month – Aiden “Des” Bell, University of Southern Maine

Counter-Strike 2 Player of the Month – Even “pined” Koenig, University of Southern Maine

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II Player of the Month – Jaden “Wish” Davis, University of Southern Maine

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II Rookie of the Month – Joseph “Mars” Masciotta, University of Southern Maine

Street Fighter 6 Player of the Month – Corbin “Gamegoblin” Wood, University of Southern Maine