Overwatch 2 Player of the Month – Billy Long, Catawba College

Billy is an instrumental part of the Catawba Overwatch team as an in game and out of game leader (He’s the youngest starter too)! Over the back end of the season Billy stepped up to work with staff and veteran teammates to help find scrims, meet with coach’s beyond scheduled time to work on improving, and carry over insights, knowledge, and thoughts to teammates to ensure additional growth and communication. His 4k PotG in the final match of the season helped swing momentum in our favor in map 3. Catawba Overwatch finished undefeated during the regular season for the first time in program history! In a team full of talented players and students, Billy continues to be a foundational piece who steps up when needed and selflessly lets others lead when it’s their time.

Overwatch 2 Rookie of the Month – Jared Gonzales, Alfred State College 

VALORANT Player of the Month – Ryan Tindall, Catawba College

Ryan was instrumental in leading Catawba College Valorant to a 7-1 season. Ryan quickly adapted his style of play over the month to be more aggressive in duels as well as taking on more responsibilities in game as a leader alongside Captain Tristan Van Wieringen. They’ve become a strong duo for Catawba’s Valorant team, even competing against each other for best KDA, individual stats, etc. Ultimately, Ryan came out on top in the kills department, a testament to his rapid improvement! Ryan has the natural ability to connect with teammates as a positive supporter and leader in and out of the game, especially during a difficult month for the program and campus.

VALORANT Rookie of the Month – Gleb Syomichev, Sacred Heart University

Gleb is the newest member and shows so much potential for the Sacred Heart team in the future. Not just his mind but his raw aim and game sense are a game changer. Gleb is a strong backbone to the team as he keeps the positive energy in game and during practice. Gleb also is very good with team play and is a kind player to his fellow teammates inside and outside the game. Gleb played a major role to secure playoffs this season.

Hearthstone Player & Rookie of the Month – Lurii Orekhov, Fisher College

Rocket League Player of the Month – Gabe Curillo, Caldwell University 

Gabe has been the leading player for our team all season. Leading them to a 6-1 regular season record and a #3 seed for playoffs. For the three games in November he averaged 467 points per game with 24 goals, 9 assists, and 30 saves. He also claimed match MVP for all 12 matches we won during those 3 series.

Rocket League Rookie of the Month – Joey Hale, University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Player of the Month – Joseph Kirchman, Monmouth University

An already experienced player of the game and within the local scene of New Jersey, Joe has consistently displayed his mastery of all Falco has to offer, highlighted by 12 total stocks taken in one match. Whether it is by harnessing Falco’s incredible combo game, tricking his opponents with mixups, or proving elusive with tried and true fundies and spacing, Joe is a main component of Monmouth’s respectable first season part of the ECAC.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Rookie of the Month – Winter Petracca, Five Towns College

Winter is one of the leading Captains for the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Team #2 here at Five Towns College. Winter has been extremely passionate and supportive of other team members since the beginning of the Season. Their ability to strategize with the team in SSBU has proved to greatly strengthen our efforts and abilities to learn and improve in practices and in ECAC matches. This month, the SSBU Team #2 qualified for the ECAC Division B Playoffs. The team thanks Winter for contributing all of their communication, feedback, and passion as an important part to FTC SSBU Team #2’s success this Season!

Fortnite Player of the Month – Elizabeth Storm, Monmouth University

Leading both the duos and trios teams and holding multiple 1st place finishes over the course of the fall season, not much else can be said outside Elizabeth’s all-around skillful performances. As her first season competing and first season as team captain, she let her aim, building skills, and strategic play do the talking as Monmouth hopes to go even further beyond in the playoffs.

Fortnite Rookie of the Month – James Suckle, Five Towns College

James is one of the leading Captains for the Fortnite Duos Build Esports Team at Five Towns College. James plays a critical role in providing other team members with best strategy practices for Builds from his previous experience playing Fortnite Builds. He’s been making the most of the Warlegends platform since the Season’s start, for Analytics and tracking the teams performance match-to-match to further the knowledge of the program. The team in the Top 10 in Fortnite Duos Build ECAC Division prior the ECAC Week 8 Match. FTC thanks James for contributing his experience and skills to the success this Season!

EA Sports FC 24 Player of the Month – Sean Morno, Concord University 

He finished in the top 16 in playoffs and had two games where he dominated his opponents.

Madden NFL 24 Player & Rookie of the Month – Malcolm McCoy, Post University

Baller’s other gamertag is DaGoat and he showed everyone why in his rookie season at Post. Taking everyone to school with personnel substitutions, a complete mastery of RPO plays, and a suffocating defense Baller went 4-0 in the first four weeks of competition. Time will tell if this rookie has what it takes to go the distance for Post.

NBA 2K Player of the Month – Christopher John DeGennaro, Post University

CJ came into this season as the defending champion for the Playstation bracket from the Spring. This being the first cross-play NBA2k bracket, he was eager to test his mettle against the Xbox players. He has picked up right where he left off going 4-0 in 1v1 play and leading the 3v3 team to a 3-1 start in Oct.

NBA 2K Rookie of the Month – Michael Fletcher, Post University

Fletch joined the 2k team this season and has proven to be a very quick learner, implementing many tactics imparted to him by Psychic.

League of Legends Player of the Month – Fred Stiefel, Sacred Heart University

League of Legends Rookie of the Month – Danny Barros, University At Albany 

Rainbow Six Siege Player of the Month – Richard Johnson, University of Southern Maine

Rainbow Six Siege Rookie of the Month – Luke Duarte, University of Southern Maine

Counter-Strike 2 Player of the Month – Justin Gillis, Fisher College

FRIZZY has performed at the highest of standards helping bring Fisher College CS2 to a flawless 6-0 record in the regular season, securing 1st place.

Counter-Strike 2 Player of the Month – Shey Ajayi, University of Southern Maine

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II Player of the Month – Zackary McAllister, University of Southern Maine

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II Rookie of the Month – Dean Syed, University of Southern Maine

Street Fighter 6 Rookie of the Month – Ryder Haines, University of Southern Maine

Street Fighter 6 Rookie of the Month – Joshua Pafundi, Fisher College

A recent transfer to Fisher College has came in and made ECAC playoffs immediately.

Omega Strikers Player of the Month – Michael Brown, University of Southern Maine

Omega Strikers Rookie of the Month – Casey Matthews, LIU