The ECAC has announced its Coach of the Year for the 2022-23 season: Carin Bublitz, Director of Eports at Randolph-Macon College.

Carin’s journey into esports started in 2019 during her last semester at Park University when they added esports to their athletic program. There, she dived right into playing competitive collegiate esports. After graduation, Bublitz continued competing as she worked towards her MBA, which she received in December of 2021. In 2022, Carin was brought on board at Randolph-Macon College as their Director of Esports where she oversees and coaches her student-athletes in 11 game titles. She has been instrumental in growing the diversity an inclusion for the Yellow Jackets.

In her first year with the program, Carin made it her mission to create an environment that was both inclusive and competitive. Together with the help of her team, they created a space where if someone had a passion for gaming regardless of skill, they could find like minded individuals to enjoy their time with. In creating this environment, they have brought in their most competitive players who have gone on to not only make playoffs in both the fall and spring semesters, but have also placed second in Madden and third in Fortnite.

“I would like to start by thanking Randolph-Macon College, my athletes, and ECAC for the opportunities they have provided me. Going forward, I look to continue the growth of the Randolph-Macon College Esports Program by promoting an environment of inclusivity and by providing a space where those with a passion for gaming feel like they belong.” – Carin Bublitz, Director of Eports at Randolph-Macon College.

Fun fact: Carin is a former wrestling champion who wrestled in middle school and through college.

Some words from R-MC Esports:

“Carin has just come into the program as a director/coach this year and has already made a huge impact on our program. This year as a captain I have not seen any players take any breaks or quit due to burn out. All of the teams in the program act as one family under her. We have more women in our program than ever before.”

“Carin has helped me so much throughout the year. Just recently she got a professional Valorant coach to VOD review with me. She has also done VOD reviews herself with me throughout the year and heled  me figure out how to regulate my mental health effectively.”

“First year at the institution, first time managing our competitive titles, did an excellent job and kept a cool head. Excellent leader, wonderful coach, former wrestling champ, overall good person!”

“She was amazing this year and grew the program so much and advocated for more women in the program! She made me and other freshmen feel included and happy doing esports this year.”

“She’s an amazing director, and puts in much more effort than is required of her. She plays every game in the program, and makes an effort to know at least a little about the meta so she can know what’s going on and how to advise everyone involved. She’s a fantastic director and an even better person to everyone who knows her.”

“Carin helped me personally over cups of coffee and talking me through games and showing me both experimental and confident competitive gameplay. Her flexibility and personalization with her athletes is why I think she deserves this award. She is both a great person inside and outside of games and it has made esports a reputable name on my campus.”

“Carin has helped out tremendously with making sure everything is on track and we are able to compete with little to no issues. When there is an issue, Carin excels in making sure each side has their voice and opinion heard and a conclusion is reached. Carin goes above and beyond making sure to familiarize herself in each title to better help us in our role and game.”

“Carin has been an outstanding coach this past year. She always helps out with teams and always has positive things to say to everyone. Everyday she sees us around campus she gives us positive re-enforcement. She inhibits the qualities of a great coach that deserves this award.”

“She has been a very kind, happy soul and has taught us good strategies to use in our games. Even when we don’t do our best, she makes it the best.”

“Carin is the director of our esports program at Randolph-Macon College. She oversees all teams in the program and is at every game. Integral part of the success of the esports program.”

“Carin has been an incredible supporter of her athletes both inside and outside of the competitive space. She is always incredibly supportive in all endeavors and has, on more than one occasion, helped me turn around a match. Her effectiveness in mental coaching and tilt control has reflected a better placement for our teams across the board. Her dedication to esports and our program here at Randolph-Macon is reflected in everything she does in her day-to-day work life.”

“She has been a fantastic coach for all games in our program. She has knowledge about all of them, thoughts on how to improve gameplay, and is able to maintain the mental state of the team to lead them to victory.”