Overwatch 2 Player of the Month – Maddy Gervais , Husson University

Maddy led Husson Overwatch 2 to great success. All season long, but especially in playoffs, Maddy was a fantastic leader always putting the team in positions where it could be successful. As a player, she was a force to be reckoned with while playing support. Maddy would make impossible plays to keep the team’s tank or another important player alive while putting the other team in poor situations. This would absolutely flip the fight into their favor. In other times where strategies were not working, Maddy would make split second decisions to change up agents or positioning that would put the team in a more favorable situation. Maddy is a vital key to Husson’s Overwatch 2 success.

Overwatch 2 Rookie of the Month – Jarod Bolton, Husson University

Jarod began playing Overwatch 2 competitively for Husson just this season and quickly improved as the season went on. In April during playoffs, Jarod became a difference maker for the team, often either holding his own, or straight up outperforming the opposing team’s tank player. Jarod was a tank that the rest of the team trusted to follow into any team fight and often times would be seen as player of the game picking up elimination after elimination until the entire enemy team no longer existed. While Jarod was a rookie this season, in playoffs you would never guess that while watching him.

VALORANT Player of the Month – Austin De Lima, Husson University

During Husson’s playoff run Austin often found himself left in unfavorable positions as the last player in the round against 2 or 3 opponents from the other team. And time after time, Austin outplayed his opponents to win the round for Husson. In rounds where his team won more decisively, Austin would often use his utility to help his teammates make plays and get an early advantage.

VALORANT Rookie of the Month – Asher Ellis, Elmira College

The Soaring Eagles VALORANT team found themselves without a win going into Week 7 and eventually found a bright spot in Asher Ellis. After waiting patiently all season as a substitute, Asher stepped in for the last two weeks of the season, taking on the role of Sentinel as Sage. Despite being a Phoenix main with little time spent elsewhere, Asher accepted his role happily and helped his squad to back-to-back wins in the final weeks of the spring regular season. Asher has secured himself a starting role on the VALORANT team in the fall.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Player of the Month – Jeremiah Czyz, Elmira College

A Senior, and in his final season with Elmira College Esports, Jeremiah helped led the Soaring Eagles Smash Gold team – a three-man tandem comprised of fellow seniors – to the playoffs for the first time in their collegiate careers. After an up and down spring season, Team Gold found themselves with a record of 2-4 heading into the last two weeks of the regular season. Staring down a tough situation and needing two straight wins to go make the 4-4 mark to solidify a playoff berth, Jeremiah showed the poise of a Smash veteran. He stepped his Cloud game play up, never cracking in high pressure situations to help Team Gold win two straight and guarantee the senior squad gets to play at least one more week together.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Player of the Month – James Ingwersen, Husson University

During the month of April, James really stepped up and made some huge plays to give his team a chance to win. During their first playoff match, in the two games Husson won, James was able to take 4 stocks off the other team. In game one, he came in with a huge deficit and instantly evened up the match to give the cleanup player even ground to win. In game three, James came into an even situation and he not only beat the other team’s second player, but he also took a stock off the other team’s last player putting our cleanup player at a stock advantage. That stock advantage was the difference in the match and the reason Husson was able to continue playing the next week.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Rookie of the Month – Valeriy Kossenko, Elmira College

In his first year with the EC Esports program, Kossenko has shown the type of dedication and passion to the sport deserves and you love to see from a first year player. Hailing from Kazakhstan, where he helped organize the country’s first ever Super Smash Bros tournament, Valeriy brings an enormous skill set with him to the Soaring Eagles Smash team; his Snake play and overall knowledge of the title helped his team to their first ever playoff berth in program history. Always willing to go the extra mile and a consummate team player, Kossenko has cemented himself as a staple and future leader on the Elmira College Esports team.

Rainbow Six Player & Rookie of the Month РKaleb Ames, University of Maine, Augusta 

Kaleb just finished his first Season of competitive league play as a Sophomore at UMA. Not only gathering enough players to form a team, he lead the team in their first ever season of the ECAC R6S Division. He is an excellent leader and trainer of new players, and already has proven himself as a star player for the UMA ESports R6S team with a 1.7 K/D with over 250 kills in just 9 games.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II Player of the Month – Devin Truman, Elmira College

As a graduating senior and current Esports Assistant Captain, Devin has been part of the Esports team for most of his time at Elmira College, adding up to a stellar gaming career over many seasons. In his final season but the first competitive season in CoD MW2 for Elmira, Devin helped lead the Soaring Eagles CoD Team White to a 5-3 regular season record and into to the ECAC playoffs. Week after week Devin played a integral role in Team Gold’s positive attitude, adaptability, and refusal to give up, which was a large part of their success. Devin has helped lay a foundation of commitment and dedication in the Elmira College Esports program.