Overwatch 2 Player of the Month – Rae Dennis, University of Southern Maine 

Rae is a natural leader for her team. She has been performing exceptionally well this season, and her teammates can’t get enough of her positive attitude. Rae’s impressive skills during games have been instrumental in helping her team win some big matches. Whether she’s playing in a match, cheering on her teammates, or the college’s other team, she always encourages everyone around her to do their best. With a first year esports program at the University of Southern Maine, her passion, love, and commitment for esports has united so many students on campus to share the love of the game.

Overwatch 2 Player of the Month – Jessica Peddle, Fanshawe College

Jessica’s performance has been a key factor during regular competitive and league games for Fanshawe. Jessica has climbed from gold 3 to Diamond during the month of March.

Overwatch 2 Rookie of the Month –  Graham Hannon, University of Southern Maine 

When starting the esports program this year, Trilobite was one that stood out with his personality and dedication. He has the determination to get better and the ability to receive criticism not just from his team captain, but from others on the team when it comes to switching tanks or positioning. A good tank player can really make or break the meta in Overwatch 2 especially in a 5v5 style gameplay. Having a player like Trilobite that can easily adapt and take into account what his team and others think of his performance is great to have on the team.

VALORANT Player of the Month – Steve Pardave, Husson University

Steve was a very solid addition to Husson’s Valorant team upon joining last semester. As the season continued he really started to show flashes as he learned how to adapt his playstyle with the rest of the team. This season, Steve has quickly turned into a top player on the team and in March, he was the top player for Husson. Steve has the ability to play straight up versus evenly matched opponents while also being able to pull out some very unique strategies when needed against higher skilled opponents.

VALORANT Rookie of the Month – Denis Mencia, Mount Saint Mary’s

Denis only picked up Valorant seriously this past summer, converting from Minecraft but don’t let that fool you; Heki has made a name for himself in collegiate servers. He climbed to the rank of Ascendant 2 in his first season of playing with Mount and has bloomed into a force to be reckoned with as a sentinel. His innate ability to adapt his defensive setups to enemy team play and suffocate their aggression as well as still be an active force on the offense (Hekis trade frag avg was a .88 for the month of March) make him a nightmare to face and was an integral part of the MSMU Team dropping no maps in the month of March. Heki had a 1.88 KDA for the month (2.44 on Defense side) and a KAST rating of 87.4% putting him in the top .18% of players according to Tracker Network. Fun fact, he is room mates with February’s Rookie of the Month Elggy Granados, I guess greatness loves company.

Rocket League Player & Rookie of the Month – Nicholas Laferte, Post University

Nazmyth continues to prove himself on the field for the month of March by leading Post Eagles Orange in goals, assists, saves, and shots. With a staggering 86 shots on his opponent’s net, offense did not let up. Boasting a total score of 10,518 points across ECAC series for the month, Nazmyth continued his successful individual performance by assisting teammates with another 26 passes and commanding Post Eagles Orange to another successful regular season of 8 wins and 0 losses.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Player of the Month – Jeremiah Czyz, Elmira College

A Senior, and in his final season with Elmira College Esports, Jeremiah helped led the Soaring Eagles Smash Gold team – a three-man tandem comprised of fellow seniors – to the playoffs for the first time in their collegiate careers. After an up and down spring season, Team Gold found themselves with a record of 2-4 heading into the last two weeks of the regular season. Staring down a tough situation and needing two straight wins to go make the 4-4 mark to solidify a playoff berth, Jeremiah showed the poise of a Smash veteran. He stepped his Cloud game play up, never cracking in high pressure situations to help Team Gold win two straight and guarantee the senior squad gets to play at least one more week together.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Player of the Month – Sharif Brown, Adelphi University

Led Adelphi SSBU Black Team to a 2-1 record in March taking a total of 31 stocks while only losing 17 stocks in those 3 matches. His most impressive performance came in Week 8 where he took 16 total stocks while only losing 5 during a win against Central Main Community College. His performance has helped the Adelphi SSBU Black team finish with a 5-3 record which earns them a 23 seed in the ECAC Playoffs.

FIFA Player of the Month – Emi Igun, Sr., Augustana College

After starting the season 2-2 Emi Igun closed out the season with a four-game winning streak to close out the season with a 6-2 overall record. Over the four-game streak, Emi went 8-1 in games outsourcing his opponents 2:1 on average. In his final season of ECAC play, Emi is looking to make a splash in playoffs and is getting hot at the right time. This does not come as a surprise to the coaching staff and Emi has been grinding in the lab over the past season.

NBA 2K Player of the Month – John Bolton, Augustana College

John “Mr. Clean” Bolton capped off a perfect season by going 8-0 in the NBA2k PS5 division. Over the past month of play, John has faced a gauntlet of opponents to maintain his unbeaten status. Through his unbeaten streak, John has not dropped a game since week 1 going 16-1 through the stretch.

NBA 2K Rookie of the Month – Tom Lamb, Augustana College

In his first season of ECAC gameplay, Tom “Yetticapolot” Lamb has put in double duty as he also competes on the NCAA men’s volleyball team. Tom started the season 1-3 but after learning to balance both teams he came on strong to close out his first regular season of ECAC NBA2k play. Tom closed out the final month of the season with a 3-1 record to capture a playoff bid in his first season of ECAC play.

League of Legends Player of the Month – Cole Olsen, George Fox University

League of Legends Rookie of the Month – Andrew Tamez, California State University, Monterey Bay

Rainbow Six Player of the Month – Lance Daigle, Husson University

Lance has played extremely well during the month of March, consistently being the person who finds eliminations early in the round to put his team in favorable positions. He also played the role of the in game leader both making calls keeping everyone’s mental in check the best he can. Lance was able to lead his team to two wins out of three matches in March to put the team in playoffs as the 10th seed.

CoD: MW2 Player of the Month – Devin Truman, Elmira College

As a graduating senior and current Esports Assistant Captain, Devin has been part of the Esports team for most of his time at Elmira College, adding up to a stellar gaming career over many seasons. In his final season but the first competitive season in CoDMW2 for Elmira, Devin helped lead the Soaring Eagles CoD Team White to a 5-3 regular season record and into to the ECAC playoffs. Week after week Devin played a integral role in Team Gold’s positive attitude, adaptability, and refusal to give up, which was a large part of their success. Devin has helped lay a foundation of commitment and dedication for the Esports program that he can be proud of.