Overwatch 2 Player of the Month – Torin Nethaway, Elmira College

After graduating last year and returning for a 5th yr of study, the Soaring Eagles Overwatch team was ecstatic to have Torin back. He didn’t miss a beat, playing his familiar Widowmaker role and snapping off head shots left and right to help our Overwatch team climb back to .500 after dropping the first two matches of the season.

Overwatch 2 Rookie of the Month – Kelvin Mizhquiri, Post University

Kel assumed the team captain mantle effortlessly this season leading a team with 4/5 of the starting players freshmen. Immaculate performances on Orisa, Sigma, and his signature Reinhardt propelled Post to a 3-1 start in February.

VALORANT Player of the Month – Aung Khant Myo, Adelphi University

AU Val Gold went 4-0 and Aung had 130 kills with 53 assists and 95 deaths for a monthly KDA of 1.92 while also adding 37 plants and 2 defuses.

VALORANT Rookie of the Month – Elggy Granados, Mount Saint Mary’s University

Climbed to his highest peak of Immortal 1 (45rr) after joining the team this fall, has cemented himself as a shut down player. In the month of February he helped MSMU go 3-1 on the month and notched over 300 Kills and Assists which accounted for a KDA of 2.26. He is commonly known amongst his teammates as HIMSTA, as he as proven to be a clutch master notching more than 11 1v2+ clutches with his best clutch getting featured as a clip of the week (1vs4 against Newberry College).

Rocket League Player of the Month – Bill Koch, Post University

KeramiK has blossomed into a prolific mechanical threat on the Post Eagles Rocket League Orange team. In the first 4 ECAC matches KeramiK notched 7, 9, 8 and 5 goals leading all Post Rocket League players.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Player of the Month – Nolan Goren, Adelphi University

Led Adelphi SSBU Black Team to a 3-1 record in February taking a total of 33 stocks while only losing 22 stocks in those 4 matches. His most impressive performance came in Week 2 where he took 15 total stocks while only losing 8 during a Win against Catholic University.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Rookie of the Month – Michael Keck, Russell Sage College

Picked up a brand new character while competed for the first time in his competitive Smash career and led the team in eliminations as an Anchor.

Fortnite Player and Rooke of the Month – Tanaja (Totia) Alexander, St. Mary’s University

Lead StMU Navy to a 11th place finish in week 3 of the ECAC season and 15th place finish in week 8 of the ECAC season, highest season placements for StMU Navy or StMU Gold.

FIFA Player of the Month – Matt Rojas, Elmira College

Rojas started the Spring season with a hot start, going 4-1 in the first five weeks. He picked right up where he left off, after losing in the FIFA championship match in the Fall ’22 season.

Madden Player of the Month – Thyon Nelson, Russell Sage College

NBA 2K Player of the Month – John Bolton, Augustana College

John has faced a gauntlet of opponents to maintain his unbeaten status. During the first month of the season John finished the first four weeks of the season 4-0 going 8-1 in games.

John is looking to make splash in playoffs after taking runner-up in the fall split and is getting hot at the right time. This does not come to a surprise to the coaching staff as John has been grinding in the lab over the past season. Week after week John continues to work with his game with drive for perfection.

League of Legends Player of the Month – Jubayad Hassnat, Stockton University

Jubayad’s role as the main shot caller for the team is a crucial aspect of their success. He is responsible for making strategic decisions during matches, his deep understanding of the game has made him an invaluable player for the team. In addition, his mechanical skill allows him to outplay opponents even in bleak conditions. His mechanical and strategical skill allows him to lead his team to victory.

League of Legends Rookie of the Month – Nathan Nhan, Stockton University

Despite being new to the role, Nathan’s quick adaptation to his new role has been a key factor in the team’s success. Although not having much prior experience in this particular role, he has shown a natural affinity for it and has quickly developed the necessary skills to excel. His dedication to learning and improving has been evident in his consistent performances in practice and competition.

Rainbow Six Player of the Month – Seth Paczan, Muskingum University

Seth “Reserve” Paczan helped lead the Muskies a strong 4-1 start in the month of February. He led the Muskies with 133 total kills across 12 total maps, averaging 11.1 kills per game, and 26 kills per series.

Rainbow Six Rookie of the Month – Andrew Austin-Stacey, Husson University

Andrew joined Husson University’s Rainbow 6 Siege team this Spring season and has been a major reason why the team has elevated its play since last season. From the start Andrew has stepped right in and has been a quiet contributor to the team. Andrew is a player that when you look back at the end of a game, you realize that he put plenty of work in to be a difference maker in shifting even rounds, into rounds that would favor his team. Andrew plays a bunch of different operators which allows the team to adjust to the map and their opponents. Andrew has been a key piece in Husson’s success and strives to elevate Husson down the stretch.

Halo Infinite Player of the Month – Aaron Lozano, St. Mary’s University

Halo Infinite Rookie of the Month – Evan Tamburrino, Catawba College

Evan is in his first year at Catawba College and first time ever competing in esports. Evan quickly learned Halo and has picked up the game on both MnK and controller while climbing to Daimond. Evan stepped up as a leader vocally in pre/post game talks and practice. Evans success in the classroom shows in his punctuality and in his dedication to practice and matches. During a month of spring breaks and midterms, Evan has been a shining, positive, example to all his teammates with his constant dedication to excellence.

CoD: MW2 Player of the Month – Colin Conklin, Elmira College

As a Captain and overall integral part of the Elmira College Soaring Ealges Esports program, Conklin continues to be the backbone of the Team Purple squad with his call-outs, quick decision making and overall FPS talents. After leading his team to conference championship glory last season (CoD: Vanguard), Conklin and Team Purple got off to another hot start at 3-1 during the month of February.

CoD: MW2 Rookie of the Month – Bailey Krawczyk, Elmira College

Since joining the Soaring Eagles CoD Gold team this season, Bailey has continually been the top fragger for his squad, even in losing efforts. In the short time the program has seen Bailey’s CoD skills, it has become obvious that when his game is on, Soaring Eagles CoD Team Gold can hang with any team in the ECAC conference.