The ECAC is proud to announce its Esports All-Academic Honorees for the Fall 2022 Semester. To be eligible, each honoree must carry a grade point average of 3.2 or higher for the semester.

A total of 214 student-athletes from 12 different universities and colleges are being recognized for their success in the classroom.

Fisher College finished with a whopping 42 students with Saint Francis University adding 34 students followed by Husson University with 30 students. Muskingum University and Augustana College both had total of 24 students. Post University was just shy of Top 4 with 23 students. College of Staten Island were right on their tail with 17 students respectively. Saint Peter’s University with 7, Seton Hill University with 5, St. Mary’s University with 4, Clarke University with 3, and Kean University with 1.

Member School                                                                                                   Honoree

Augustana College Ryan Kammerzell
Augustana College Quinby Dahl
Augustana College Bill Unyi
Augustana College Tanner Buol
Augustana College Bobby Nwachukwu
Augustana College Estephanos Jebessa
Augustana College Umer Aziz
Augustana College Eddie Pedrote
Augustana College Eulle Stann Casaquite
Augustana College Joe Burck
Augustana College Tuan Truong
Augustana College Alvin Theccanat
Augustana College Chris Alkas
Augustana College Gabe Foster
Augustana College Kyle King
Augustana College Ethan Chiu
Augustana College Andrew Johns
Augustana College Amanda Mederich
Augustana College Zach Scherrer
Augustana College Joey Ruffatto
Augustana College Kashav Piya
Augustana College Matthew Maurer
Augustana College Guyen Bilguun
Augustana College Tuan Truong
Clarke University Daniel Mycroft
Clarke University Tommy Rea
Clarke University Jacob Schemmel
College of Staten Island Dylan Lee
College of Staten Island Ryan Lu
College of Staten Island Andrew Kam
College of Staten Island Arielle Uy
College of Staten Island Edison Zhong
College of Staten Island Columbus Enslen
College of Staten Island Nicholas Michelizzi
College of Staten Island Samue Rozenfeld
College of Staten Island Maxim Kleyer
College of Staten Island Ralphy Vargas
College of Staten Island Gregory Pasquale
College of Staten Island Motasem Kassem
College of Staten Island Ryah Healey
College of Staten Island Garic Li
College of Staten Island Richard Hunt
College of Staten Island Nicholas Stathakos
College of Staten Island Alyssa Ramharracksingh
Fisher College Jackson Brown
Fisher College Anthony Vitale
Fisher College Jose Leal
Fisher College Kurtis Bogner
Fisher College Jacob Sheehan
Fisher College Aabid Chaudry
Fisher College Carter Ennis
Fisher College Anthony Bombace
Fisher College Miles Dawson
Fisher College Carlos Perez
Fisher College Jacob Eldridge
Fisher College Justin Fargo-Palmer
Fisher College Nolan Schmalfeldt
Fisher College Jordan Stevenson
Fisher College Joseph VanderHeyden
Fisher College Chad Wuller
Fisher College Rob Jerone
Fisher College Lenny Kummala
Fisher College Nathaniel Salyer
Fisher College Yongmin Kim
Fisher College Henri Lefebvre
Fisher College Elias Nelson
Fisher College Izaac Nelson
Fisher College Charles Uram
Fisher College Brendan Kylar-Wheeler
Fisher College Victor Diaz
Fisher College Braine Sales
Fisher College Gerardo Bijani
Fisher College Gianluca Petrozza
Fisher College Jamal McDonald
Fisher College Marcos Perdomo
Fisher College Johnny Cambunga
Fisher College Brennon Leeper
Fisher College Isabell Santiago
Fisher College Jadin Wagner
Fisher College Jerry Zheng
Fisher College Caide Heaton
Fisher College Natalie Huynh
Fisher College Roodman Moron
Fisher College Jordan Herzog
Fisher College Joey Staniger
Fisher College Elizabeth Marcum
Husson University Robert Brown III
Husson University Brock Davis
Husson University Liam Doran
Husson University Rebekah Herrin
Husson University Sarah MacKinlay
Husson University Garrett Munson
Husson University Steve Pardave
Husson University Tyler Proulx
Husson University Sarah MacKinlay
Husson University Brandon Archibald
Husson University Tyler Proulx
Husson University Joey Koenig
Husson University Lance Daigle
Husson University Garrett Munson
Husson University Robert Brown
Husson University Scott Johnson
Husson University Matthew Bernardini
Husson University Brock Davis
Husson University Nicholas Blethen
Husson University Luke Furtek
Husson University Liam Doran
Husson University Logan Hubbard
Husson University James Ingwersen
Husson University Rebekah Herrin
Husson University Ryan Gately
Husson University Ben Snow
Husson University Brent Thomes
Husson University Steve Pardave
Husson University Richard Orgill
Husson University Charles LaPrade
Kean University Solian McClard
Muskingum University Hannah Dodd
Muskingum University Esther Ensminger
Muskingum University Evangeline Hill
Muskingum University Tori Jones
Muskingum University Paige Stringfellow
Muskingum University Letong Zhang
Muskingum University Seth Paczan
Muskingum University Dominic Tavella
Muskingum University Kysen Gabriel
Muskingum University Doug Crawford
Muskingum University Braden Steinman
Muskingum University Logan Roberts
Muskingum University Jaxon Ogilbee
Muskingum University Nathan Montecalvo
Muskingum University Nicholas Hyatt
Muskingum University James Salchli
Muskingum University Keygan Yonts
Muskingum University Slade Bee
Muskingum University Owen Hively
Muskingum University Brenden Huck
Muskingum University Chase Walton
Muskingum University Shane Iams
Muskingum University Caleb Simpson
Muskingum University Lane Smith
Post University Brian Klebanski
Post University Hailey Aeppli
Post University Erik Loneker
Post University Nicholas Laferte
Post University Anon Rowland
Post University Jordan Henry Pabon
Post University Dakota Lydem
Post University Anthony Maine
Post University Kenneth Rodriguez
Post University Kenshiro Suzuki
Post University Andrew Theriault
Post University Mingyang Ye
Post University Christian Ramirez
Post University Adam Pepin
Post University Anthony Barbieri
Post University Lilly McAbee
Post University Alex Pannoni
Post University John Arciszewski
Post University Nolan Picco
Post University
Christopher John DeGennaro
Post University Bill Koch
Post University Elijah Miller
Post University Kieran McGoffey
Saint Francis University Jared Sadowski
Saint Francis University Sarah Boggiano
Saint Francis University Antonio Sigg
Saint Francis University James Nichols
Saint Francis University Zachary Wheeler
Saint Francis University Shannon Schmitt
Saint Francis University Justin Birkhimer
Saint Francis University David Kinniburgh
Saint Francis University Dominick Kutsick
Saint Francis University Dan O’Hara
Saint Francis University Eden Krouse
Saint Francis University Carmen Lefoer
Saint Francis University Jude Ngangsic-Asongu
Saint Francis University Isaac Repko
Saint Francis University Meghan Roach
Saint Francis University Ethan Walker
Saint Francis University Preston Slagle
Saint Francis University Connor Adomaitis
Saint Francis University Daniel Lightener
Saint Francis University Jared Berkhimer
Saint Francis University Morgan McConnell
Saint Francis University Jacob (Max) Mapes
Saint Francis University Coby Romanchock
Saint Francis University Scott Castle
Saint Francis University Hunter Brown
Saint Francis University Christopher Garn
Saint Francis University Max Herman
Saint Francis University Charles Deitke
Saint Francis University Logan Kearns
Saint Francis University Kody Krug
Saint Francis University Jacob Garrity
Saint Francis University
Thomaslee “Quentin” Taylor
Saint Francis University Samuel Warner
Saint Francis University Ethan Pendarvis
Saint Peter’s University Leonardo Andrade
Saint Peter’s University Freddy Fernandez
Saint Peter’s University Jazmine Galang
Saint Peter’s University Nabil Hernandez
Saint Peter’s University Erik Maldonado
Saint Peter’s University Clarisse Moreno
Saint Peter’s University Jeremy Perez
Seton Hill University Anthony Panko
Seton Hill University Jack Wagner
Seton Hill University Joseph Piper
Seton Hill University Nicholas Stumme
Seton Hill University Logan Leonard
St. Mary’s University Aaron Lozano
St. Mary’s University Carolina Pinales
St. Mary’s University Caitlin Hernandez
St. Mary’s University Ivann Romero