ECAC Esports announces its Player & Rookie of the Week Awards for week 4 of competition presented by HyperX.

Overwatch Player of the Week

Elmira College, Kristofer “BelowZero” Zero, 2025, Support

Before Week 3 of the ’22 Spring Season, Kristofer Zero had barely played Overwatch and had NEVER played it competitively. Asked to step in as a last minute emergency substitute to avoid a forfeit, Zero was tasked with playing Support, a role he had only just started playing – using his preferred character of Moira – the day before. Kristofer caught on quickly, and in what can only be described as a stellar debut for a true beginner to the title, he helped the Elmira College Esports Overwatch team stay alive and competitive throughout the match, even snagging gold healing and silver damage during one round. Zero has since been promoted to full time 

Valorant Player of the Week

Post University, Erik “Meech” Loneker, Junior, Duelist

Meech was an absolute force for the Eagles in their closest match in program history vs Loyola in Week 4. Over the two game series that went 16-14 and 17-15. Meech top fragged for the Eagles in both games posting 30 kills on Haven and 33 kills on Ascent. In addition to hitting his shots, Meech was also calling the shots and leading the team through every nail-biting round.

Rocket League Player of the Week

Post University, Bill “Keramik” Koch, Sophomore

Keramik missed the Eagles’ week 3 match and seemed determined to make up for it in week 4 vs St Francis. In the 3 game series Keramik accounted for 5 of the Eagles’ goals including an amazing double tap.

Smash Player of the Week

Mars Hill University, Nick “Marfram” Thorpe, 2022, Bowser 

For the 2nd week in a row, Marfram took 9 stocks while only losing 1 of his own. Raising MHU to a 3-1 record for the season thus far.

Smash Rookie of the Week

Post University, Kenshiro “Great” Suzuki, Freshman, Bowser

“Great” proved once again why he’s one of the best Bowsers in CT taking 5 of University of Albany’s stocks in game 1. Then following up and taking 4 stocks in game 2.

FIFA Player of the Week

Augustana College, Moby “WeLoveSully” Ali, Senior

Moby “WeLoveSully” Ali got back into the win column week 4 with a 2-0 sweep over John Jay. Moby beat the keeper 10 times in the series while only allowing 4 goals (GM 1: 5-2, GM 2: 5-2). 

FIFA Rookie of the Week

Lycoming College, Austin “Frere Saka” Craig, Sophomore 

Halfway through and still picking up steam Austin was able to explode past his opponent for another win. Off to an impressive start, Austin is proving to everyone that he is here to compete. He capped last week’s win with a new career best 13 goals in a single match. The second game was called at half with a score 5-0 to get the 2 game sweep. 

Madden Player of the Week

Cumberland University, Nathan “CuPhoneix21” Nelson, Sophomore

Nathan Nelson was able to secure a 2-0 win over New York College in his latest game. Nelson was down 20-7 going into halftime in game one and was able to rally back and win game one, 27-26. In game two, Nelson was able to secure back-to-back interceptions for Touchdowns to take a quick, 14-0 lead. By forcing two more turnovers by his opponent, his opponent conceded the game going into the third quarter with a score of 35-7, winning the series, 2-0.

League of Legends Player of the Week

Elmira College, Zach “Zmart” Martin, Freshman

Zach “Zmart ” Martin as a support was able to obtain top score in all 3 of his matches. He went  13-10-4, 17-7-2, 15-7-3.