ECAC Esports announces its Player & Rookie of the Week Awards for week 1 & 2 presented by HyperX.

Overwatch Player of the Week

Post University – Andrew Gillotti, Sophomore 

Andrew has now fully embraced his new role as the starting support for the Eagles after transitioning midway through the season last Fall from the tank role. Andrew was a big reason Post University was able to take Louisville all the way to game 5, in their hard fought week two loss. His best performance was on Havana where he accumulated a staggering 58% kill participation as Baptiste. In week 1 vs Neumann University Drew had a stellar performance on Volskaya as Lucio got 45% kill participation in the Eagle’s 3-0 sweep.

Overwatch Rookie of the Week

Grand Valley State University – Thomas Barret 

Thomas is brand new to PC gaming as of this January. He transitioned from Overwatch on the Xbox to PC.  Thomas has risen to the unique challenges PC Overwatch and gaming present. Spending hours on end practicing on his own time outside our scheduled Scrims, and watching hours of educational content. Thomas has effectively become a stand-out player on Lakeshore Blue. His determination, and his enthusiasm have set him a part of the crowd.

Valorant Player of the Week

Post University – John Arcisezweski, Duelist

Johnny was lights out for Post in weeks 1 and 2. In week 1 vs SAGU he put up 21 kills on Ascent and a 27/7/3 KDA on Bind showing everyone why he’s our Reyna main and leading the Eagles to a 2-0 sweep.

He didn’t slow down in week 2 vs CMCC posting 16 kills on Breeze and 23 kills on Bind, helping the Eagles to their second straight sweep this season and the first 2-0 start for the Valorant team in program history.

Valorant Rookie of the Week

Wichita State University – Ryan Dreiling

Joined the team as a walk-on and was able to clutch the win for Wichita State University. Boasting an impressive score of 13-0 against the University of Delaware.

Rocket League Player of the Week

Post University – Jameison Wirta, Sophomore 

Wirta led the Eagles to another 2-0 start this season, this time with wins over Husson University and St Andrews. In week 1 vs Husson Wirta posted an astonishing 9 goals in the 4 game series. In week 2 vs St Andrews Wirta again stepped up with 7 goals in the 5 game series including the go-ahead goal in game 5: 

Rocket League Rookie of the Week

Post University – Richard Gibbs, Freshman 

Caboooki is the new kid on the block for the Eagle’s Rocket League team. Eager to prove himself he came to play in weeks 1 and 2. Posting 6 assists vs Husson in week 1 in the 4 game series he already began showing strong synergy with his teammates.

He didn’t slow down in week 2 vs St Andrews, again posting 6 assists this time in the close 5 game series to help Post to another 2-0 start to the season.

Smash Player of the Week

California State University, Sacramento – Bao “rito” Nguyen, Sophomore, Bowser 

Went into the game as the first player and did not lose a single stock against his opponents in both games. His one life was able to take 18 stocks against Wayne State College Gold.

Smash Rookie of the Week

Pace University – Joey “681shadow” Palutena

Joey was an amazing starter for Pace’s Gold Team roster, leading the team to 1st in the ECAC varsity division at 2-0. He has taken at minimum 5 stocks per crew battle (AKA over half of the opposing team’s stocks) In week 1, he took all 9 stocks in the second crew battle against SUNY Plattsburgh, only dropping 2 himself. Despite Pace being new to the ECAC, he has proven to be confident on stage and a deadly opening opponent. The casters called him “a force to be reckoned with”.

FIFA Player of the Week

Augustana College – Bobby “Bobbynotbobby0” Nwachukwu, Junior 

Bobby “Bobbynotbobby0” Nwachukwu has started the Spring 2022 season strong with back-to-back wins to move to 2-0. Through two weeks Bobby has a +15 goal differential by logging 20 goals while allowing only 5 balls past his keeper. Bobby is averaging 5 goals per game while only allowing 1.25 goals against per game through two weeks of play.

FIFA Rookie of the Week

Lycoming College – Austin “Frere Saka” Craig, Sophomore

Deciding to take his talents from the world of traditional collegiate soccer Austin decided he wanted to attempt a run on the pitch via FIFA. He did a brilliant job coming out strong week one winning his match and recording the highest goal count for the week at 16 in his win.

Madden Player of the Week

Cumberland University – Jaylen “MustbJT13” Taylor, Junior

In his first game of his first time ever competing in collegiate esports, he won both games against Clarke University. The first game winning 67-7 and the second game winning 33-22, to take a 2-0 victory!

NBA2K Player of the Week

Post University – Anthony “Phatmack” Brown Jr., Junior

Mack came out strong with a 2-0 start to the season including a very close series against another Post University player, winning both games by a combined 8 points.

League of Legends Player of the Week

Penn State Behrend – Xander “Lanktz” Chan, Jungler

Xander has been pivotal in helping the Penn State Behrend, College League of Legends team to a 2-0 start in ECAC group stages. After two weeks he is tied for least deaths with 2 and leading all of ECAC with a KDA of 34, more than double the nearest competitor. Xander also puts in countless hours each week as President of the Penn State Behrend Esports program.