DANBURY, Conn. – The ECAC has announced the Esports Players of the Week for the period ending March 21 Presented by Lenovo Legion.


Overwatch Player of the Week – Jennifer ‘JBev’ Beveridge, Post University
Jbev of Post U overwhelmed her week 7 competition with a fiery performance on Zarya in the first map of the series, dishing out serious damage, controlling flankers, and dying only twice. In the final two maps, Jbev shut down all enemies in her path with a commanding display on Roadhog, frequently securing 2-3 eliminations per fight.

“Overwatch has captured my passion for gaming and if it wasn’t for the Post University coaches for pushing me as a competitor I would not be here today. Growing as a competitor, team, and most importantly as a person I’d like thank the Esports program here at Post for all it has done and the coaches for spending countless of hours to make us the best we can be.” – JBev



Overwatch Rookie of the Week – Shane ‘Mydudesa’ Gilbert, Post University
Mydudesa of the Post U Eagles put on an impressive performance during their week 7 matchup against Anderson University with a truly dominant performance on Ashe for the first two maps, taking Post into a 2-0 map lead. He finished the series on Temple of Anubis with an immense display of raw damage with Junkrat, helping his team achieve a full hold on the first point, and winning the map in just 7 minutes.

“I’m honored to have been nominated and will continue to try and make plays to put my team in a position to come out on top.” – Mydudesa


Hearthstone Player of the Week – Josh “Lemons” Brown, Randolph-Macon College


VALORANT Player & Rookie of the Week – Michael “KiNG LEO” Leonardi, Post University
Leo stepped up in a big way for the Eagles in a close match against John Jay. With a playoff spot on the line Leo dominated on Split with Sage going 21/12/8 as match MVP and then finished the deal with a 19/15/6 performance on Reyna on Ascent to lead Post University to the playoffs in their first ever Valorant season.

“I’d like to thank Coach Strongest dog mostly for keeping me in tune with all the meta changes and planning, and Meech the long nights of strategic planning prior to all matches. I appreciate all the guys on the team!” – KiNG LEO


Rocket League Player of the Week – Ralphy “Driftzy” Vargas, College of Staten Island
Ralphy scored 10 goals on 16 shots against Sacramento State leading to a 3-0 victory. He also amassed 4 out of 10 team saves showing his skills on both sides of the ball.

“I am just very excited to be a part of the Esports movement at CSI and happy that I can contribute to our team’s first-year success.” – Driftzy


Rocket League Rookie of the Week – Tyler “Scoop” Bull, Randolph-Macon College

“Victories aren’t the end, they are just the beginning” – Scoop


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Player of the Week – Andrew “ThatGuy5151” Lovrine, Carroll University
ThatGuy5151, aka Andrew, came out on top during Carroll’s week 7 2-0 win over Thomas College. Andrew was able to take an astonishing total of 12 stocks from the opposing team with his Enderman (Steve) to help lead the team to their first 2-0 victory. Andrew was able to take 4 stocks in game one but was put in a tough spot after losing two stocks in the first match of game 2. That did not stop Andrew, as he still managed to take a whopping 8 of 9 possible stocks from the opposing team in game two!


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Rookie of the Week – Andrew “ItsAsthmatic” Theriault, Post University 
Asthmatic stepped up in a big way for the Eagles in their week 7 matchup against SUNY Poly, he trusted his main K Rool despite some tough character matchups. With a playoff spot on the line he deleted 10 SUNY Poly stocks over the 2 game sweep to secure the first ever playoff spot for Post University Smash.

“I would like to thank belly armor as well as my teammates, for enabling me to play well! Thank you, ECAC, for honoring me as the rookie player of the week!” – ItsAsthmatic



Fortnite Player & Rookie of the Week – Luke “Alpine” Robens, Randolph-Macon College
“It feels incredible to win this award and I feel accomplished to know that I am starting to get recognized and noticed for my gameplay!” – Alpine


FIFA 21 Player of the Week – Braeden “BKman” Krakosky, Johnson & Wales University

“Shoutout to my coach for giving me the right tools needed to succeed in fifa and fortnite” – BKman


Madden 21 Player of the Week – Blake “JohnnyPayPal” Beran, Carroll University
JohnnyPayPal, aka Blake, knew he needed a win going into week 7. Blake came out swinging with 49-3 game 1 victory! In game 1 Blake scored 49 points on just 240 yards of offense. He was able to accomplish this feat because of four pick 6’s and a user hit-stick forced fumble that capped his dominating defensive performance. Blake turned on the offensive pressure as he took an early 14-0 lead in game number 2. Blake capped his game two with a long pass to move the score to 20-0. His opponent conceded with 3:09 left in the second quarter. The win moves JohnnyPayPal to 5-2 on the season.


NBA 2K21 Player of the Week – Lloyd “LLOYDGUYFLYY” Guyzer, Johnson & Wales University


League of Legends Player of the Week – Mark “Makujjo” Cruz, Johnson & Wales University
Mark has always been one of our best students when keeping a mental edge. He is the rock that holds together the bot lane on the League of Legends team. He lead the team to a 2-0 victory, going 14-0 on the season on their way to the finals.

“We need to sometimes fail in order to improve, so its ok to int occasionally.” – Makujjo

League of Legends Rookie of the Week – Andrew “Allp1635” Pono, Carroll University
In his first and only season with Carroll Esports Allp1635, aka Andrew, has become a leader and starting top lanner for Carroll League of Legends. The former shoutcaster decided to make the move to player as he entered his final semester at Carroll. Since making the move he has been a force to reckon with for all opponents. In this weeks performance vs Post University Allp had an impressive game one with a 10/0/8 KDA and beating his opposing top lanner in gold 11,584 to 5,604. In game two Allp went 7/2/4 and beat his opposing top lanner in gold 10,062 to 6,589. The performance help Carroll to a 2-0 win. Moving the team to 4-3 on the season.

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