DANBURY, Conn. – The ECAC has announced the Esports Players of the Week for the period ending March 14 Presented by Lenovo Legion.


Overwatch Player of the Week – Sam “Cargo Tokens” St. Onge, Thomas College
Sam, a second year computer science/cyber security major and mult-title player for Thomas, took up the mantle of VALORANT team captain this spring after some inter-semester roster changes. In addition to that responsibility however, Sam continued to serve as a substitute for the Overwatch team, the roster where he got his start with the Thomas Esorts program.

In this week’s match he was called on to fill in that capacity, and in one of the most pivotal matches of the teams season; a fall playoffs rematch versus UAlbany to equalize our season record at 3-3. After losing to the Albany squad 3-0 last semester, Sam and his Zarya play were pivotal in driving the Thomas team to a 3-1 victory this time around including a game opening grav on the second map of the set, Rialto.

“Esports has pushed me to improve myself both inside and outside of the games I play. I’m honored to be recognized as ECAC’s Overwatch POTW, and I’m excited to see what future seasons have in store for myself and my team.” – Cargo Tokens


Overwatch Rookie of the Week – Uliana “Foo” Heron, Carroll University
Foo stepped into Carroll’s first season in ECAC play not knowing the amount of playing time she may have throughout the season. Throughout the fall semester Foo served predominantly in an alternate roll but that did not deter her from grinding every practice and taking every game opportunity she was provided. In Carroll’s first ECAC season Foo has become a standout support player and starter in all six games. In week six Foo earned two player cards in the three maps played with 13,361 an 19,991 healing done respectively. Always a team player, Foo does all that is asked of her to make the Carroll Overwatch team successful.


Hearthstone Player of the Week – Spencer “PieMonster” Mah, Johnson & Wales University
Mah was able to have a 6-1 week, leading the team to a 3-0 win in the ECAC over Moravian and a 3-1 win over Arcadia in the NECC. Pie has been fast in improving as he helped lead the team to a 35 point week in ABC for Battlegrounds.

“After making all the mistakes, every player has a chance to turn the outcome of the game around by making the right moves next.” – PieMonster


Hearthstone Rookie of the Week – Dustin “Ev Angel” Davis, Johnson & Wales University


VALORANT Player of the Week – Colin “Anti0500” Conklin, Elmira College
Colin paced our team this week with 36 kills and 14 assists across both rounds. Playing his usual Cypher during round 1, he was able to lock down sites and provide a ton of intel for our team. In round 2, Colin switched to a duelist (Raze) for the first time in a competitive match and was able to hold his own as an entry fragger.

“I’m shocked I was selected as Valorant player of the week.The role I play on the team is not the flashiest to play so I’m never on the spotlight of the team. Also, I just to add a thank you to my team since without them I couldn’t do what I do.” – Anti0500


VALORANT Rookie of the Week – Dallas “Threthon” Repine, Post University
Dallas ‘Threthon’ Repine pulled off an impressive second game in Post’s match against SUNY Erie coming in as the match MVP with a 356 combat score, 20/9/4 KDA and a 105 econ rating all while acting as the in-game leader.

“Most all the thanks go to our FPS Coach StrongestDog who spent countless hours to help us prep for this weeks game, I was mostly playing around the info he gave out prior to our game this week.” – Threthon


Rocket League Player of the Week – Bill “Keramik” Koch, Post University
Keramik led Post to a convincing win over Assumption in week 6, over 4 games he racked up 1,764 points, 6 goals, 3 assists, and 5 saves in addition to helping the team maintain a positive attitude after a tough game 2 loss and turn the series around.



Rocket League Rookie of the Week – Ilya “Blur God” Yurovskiy, Elmira College
Ilya kept constant pressure in the offensive end during our Week 6 win; tallying 2 goals, 4 assists, and 14 shots on goal. He has shown so much improvement this season as he’s added new skills to his repertoire week to week.

“To be recognized as rookie of the week by ECAC is an honor. It has been fun this season playing alongside my teammates and I am excited to continue!” – Blur God


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Player of the Week – Imanol “ShadeMC” Chavez, Bethel University
Imanol was the key to our team’s 2-0 victory over Thomas College Monday night. He led off the match for the team and almost single-handedly took out their entire team. Playing as Pac-Man, he took 8 total stocks from Bowser, Palutena, and Terry. As a Freshman, Imanol has the second best record on the team and excels in the classroom too.

“A huge thanks to the ECAC for the award. Being recognized for this award means a lot for not only myself but also the team. We work as hard as we can both in the classroom and online with each other, encouraging good sportmanship and Bethel ethics as a team. Our team has plans on not only advancing to the playoffs, but winning the entire bracket as well. We have much to improve on, but as a team we all believe we can accomplish our goal.” – ShadeMC


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Rookie of the Week – Jonathan “Empirony” Vasquez, Farmingdale State College
“I’ve been working hard with our coach/captain SoulArts so I’m happy to see my improvement actually meant something, thank you and it’s an honor.” – Empirony


Fortnite Player of the Week – Kesten “Sype” Taylor, Muskingum University
Kesten led the Muskies to a Victory Royale in Game 2 this week, racking up a massive score with 17 of the Fighting Muskies’ 22 eliminations.

“I want to thank my coach, my teammate, and Muskingum University for these new opportunities in the esports world. I am also very honored to be selected again for this awardas winning it once meant a lot to me but winning it twice is a huge accomplishment. I will continue to strive for greatness as this season continues and excited as we begin the transition into Finals. Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.” – Sype


Fortnite Rookie of the Week – Nancy “Phancy” Jackson, SUNY Empire
“I’m excited for this season and for having so many players to play with in the game!!! Love the Fortnite spirit!!” – Phancy


Madden 21 Player of the Week – Danny “mcgiggles22” McGee, Carroll University
After taking a his first loss of the season McGee got back into the lab to plan his attack against the Fall 2020 NECC Xbox division conference tournament runner up JohnnyPayPal. Danny came out swinging to claim two convincing wins to get back into the winning column with a 2-0 (24-9, 24-17) victory over his highly talented scrim partner and teammate. With the victory Danny moves to 5-1 on the season.

“It’s a great honor and I’m feelin’ mcgiggly about it. We are just getting things started here at Carroll!” – mcgiggles22


Madden 21 Rookie of the Week – Tyler “Lv2MACHOP” Cummens, Carroll University
With another impressive 2-0 win Cummens maintains his number two spot in the conference. He pulled ahead in both games and then played shutdown defense giving his opponent no opportunity to get back into the game moving to 5-1 on the season.

“It’s an awesome feeling and I would like to thank both my coaches Joe and Matt for pushing me to get better every week. We are just getting started here at Carroll!”  – Lv2MACHOP


League of Legends Player of the Week – Han “Jerry” Luo, Johnson & Wales University
Han continues to perform each week after carrying the team to a 2-0 victory over LIU. Han has played 11 unique champions in 12 games and continues to have a 8+ CSPM.

“能躺赢真不想 ; If I can always win easily(because of my monster teammates), why bother trying hard to carry.” – Jerry


League of Legends Rookie of the Week –Scott “Piacular” Warner, SUNY Empire
“Captaining the League of Legends teams has been a complete blast. I wasn’t sure what I was signing up and in the beginning I felt a bit in over my head, but I lucked out by falling in with such great players who were willing to provide input and see through the early rough stages of our team’s infancy. Everyone brought a positive attitude and their genuine support, and because of that we’ve created a really comfortable gaming atmosphere for a group that I’m grateful to be a part of. I love my teammates, and I’m ineffably lucky to be participating in something so awesome. It’s a really great feeling.” – Piacular

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