DANBURY, Conn. – The ECAC has announced the Esports Players of the Week for the period ending February 28 Presented by Lenovo Legion.


Overwatch Player of the Week – Zach “Zackal” Miller, Bethel University
Zach “Zackal” Miller was the clear leader in Bethel’s team’s 3-0 victory over Long Island University. In game one, he had 32 eliminations and 71% kill participation. In game two, he had 25 enemy EMP’s and 16 offensive assists. In game three he had the play of the game along with 10 enemy EMP’s.

“Thanks ECAC for the award. It’s been so great to be a part of the beginning of my school’s esports program and to watch the team grow closer and connect better and better on game day. It will be exciting to see what this program and the ECAC will grow into.” – Zackal


Overwatch Rookie of the Week – Kai “Supreme Kai” Silcott, Johnson & Wales University

“It’s my first time on an actual team, ever. I’ve never been picked for most sports so to be acknowledged as the rookie of the week in such a big organization is huge to me. Video games are something I’ve loved since I picked up my first controller when I was 4. To be bestowed this award means the world to me, thank you” – SupremeKai


Hearthstone Player & Rookie of the Week – Savannah “Halfandhalfin” Ritter , Randolph-Macon College
“I know it’s not much, but I’ve worked hard to get where I am, and I’m proud to be recognized for it.” – Halfandhalfin


VALORANT Player of the Week – Erik “Meech” Loneker, Post University
Erik’s hard work is paying off in game as he claimed 31 kills and team MVP over two games against RPI.



Rocket League Player of the Week – Matt “Fourchin” Conry, Long Island University
Rebounding from a rough five game loss the week prior. Matt Conry came to play against John Jay. In an impressive return to form for the Sharks, Matt led the effort for the 3-0 victory. Matt had 1761 points in total. He also amassed eight goals in the three games with four assists and two saves. He did this all while maintaining and impressive 57% shot percentage.

“It feels great to be selected and I look forward to our team building off the momentum to start the season.” – Fourchin


Rocket League Rookie of the Week – Jameison “Wirta” Wirta, Post University
Wirta’s leadership and skill was on display this week against a good Sacramento State team as he earned 1,471 points, four goals, one assist, and six saves in the three-game sweep.

“I just want to say thank you for the opportunity to play with a group of people that truly put the team first. I’ve learned more about myself as a player in these past four weeks than I ever had playing before. Atokad and NovaJay have both been amazing teammates thus far, both have bailed me out quite a few times on the pitch. I’m looking forward to making a competitive playoff run with them this season.” – Wirta


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Player of the Week – Kenneth “Ghost007” Rodriquez, Post University
Rodriquez carried post against Elmira this week to a convincing 2-0 sweep notching 12 KOs in the process.

“I just work with what I got” – Ghost007



Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Rookie of the Week – Alexander “AI” Gigliotti, Johnson & Wales University
“I just want to say thank you to my team, my coach, and to ECAC. It’s been a tough season for us thus far, but am very grateful to receive this recognition. Moving forward, my team and I will continue to try our best.” – Al


Fortnite Player & Rookie of the Week – Sab “TW1G” Chizhik, Randolph-Macon College

“As a new player in the fortnite competitive scene, it feels great to be recognized for my hard work.” -TW1G


FIFA 21 Player of the Week – Chelan Gonzalez, Finlandia University
“It feels really great to be selected as FIFA player of the week especially with all of the very talented players in the league. So far the season is going the way that I was hoping. I am 4-1, I’m hoping to keep on winning but it’s going to be a challenging rest of the season.” – Chelan


Madden 21 Player & Rookie of the Week – Joseph “joeguy312” Rossi, SUNY Empire


NBA 2K21 Player of the Week – Lloyd “LLOYDGUYFLYY” Guyzer – Johnson & Wales University
Lloyd was able to quickly recover from his loss last week with a 2-1 victory over Lakeland. After losing game one by 11 Lloyd came back to win by seven and then blew away his opponent with a 20 point win in game three to seal the set.

“It’s been fun playing 2k as a competition there’s been many competitive players and it brings the best out of me.” – LLOYDGUYFLYY


League Of Legends Player of the Week – Peter “KoolKidPete” Plorcharczyk, Long Island University
Facing playoff elimination, Peter Plocharczyk came up big against for the Sharks against the Bloomfield College Bears. Leading the charge in game one of the best of three set, Peter went 12/1/5 on Lucian having a KDA of 17. Peter did nearly 20,000 to the sharks as he led the way with 31% of the teams damage. In the second game of the best of three, Peter made quick work of the Bears again this time on Xayah. In this game Peter had a stat line of 7/1/5 or a KDA of 12. He was over a third of LIU’s damage and for the series averaged over 8 cs/m with CS scores of 238 and 230.

“I’m very happy to win player of the week and to be able to see the ECAC Esports grow. The new player of the week system is a great way to keep players interested in their respective game and get other players interested in esports. As for my team, we did have a shaky start. However, after changing the roster a bit we recovered and started to win. The team is having fun while winning and I’m happy I get to watch them all grow as a team in my main role. Thank you to all my teammates and I love playing with you all, good luck on the rift!” – KoolKidPete


League Of Legends Rookie of the Week – James “INeverQuit” Onley, SUNY Empire
“The nice thing about ‘let’s try’ is that you can learn from what happened and grow. Growing is the hard part.” – iNeverQuit

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