DANBURY, Conn. – The ECAC has announced the Esports Players of the Week for the period ending 11/5/20

Overwatch Player of the Week – Dana Olmstead, Sr, SUNY Canton
Olmstead has been an amazing team manager to a growing and successful esports team. Her Overwatch team currently has a record of 3-2, holding strong after going up against giants like RPI (A) and Johnson & Wales Blue.

Overwatch Rookie of the Week – Thomas Dixon, Fr, Randolph – Macon College
Dixon is the main target caller for his team and is always the loudest voice in comms leading his team.  He dishes out DPS levels of damage on any tank he played and made some clutch ultimates to keep his team alive in tough fights.

Hearthstone Player of the Week – Adam Hammerale, So, Johnson & Wales University
Hammerale played an important role in Hearthstone’s win over RMC in week 6 to secure a playoff spot. He brought on two key decks in week six that were important counters to RMC’s week five decks. His mastery over the Mage and Priest classes allow JWU to take a 3-2 win and look to be headed into playoffs with some renewed energy.

Hearthstone Rookie of the Week – Spencer Mah, Fr, Johnson & Wales University
Spencer has taken on the leadership role for the Hearthstone team as the captain for the 2020-2021 season. After not having a team last year Spencer was excited to bring on the first Hearthstone team at JWU. In his inaugural season he has helped lead JWU to a 3-3 season with their final win over RMC to propel them into playoffs.

Valorant Player of the Week – Michael Tubbz, Sr, SUNY Canton
Tubbz has been a key leader in Valorant at SUNY Canton, leading his team in their first season together with a record of 4-1.

Valorant Rookie of the Week – Zac Chandler, Fr, Johnson & Wales University
Captain of JWU Valorant, Chandler has lead his team to a successful playoff season in his first year at JWU. Cha brings his experience in a variety of games to the Valorant team which is enabled by his leaderships skills and communication in and out of the game.

Rocket League Player of the Week – Rebecca Archambo, Fr, Post University
Archambo was promoted recently to Varsity Team Captain and showcased her leadership this week in a nail-biting match against Central Methodist University with a playoff berth on the line. In the close 5 game series she racked up 1567 pts, six goals, three assists, four saves and 10 shots leading Post to their first ever Esports Playoffs.

Rocket League Rookie of the Week – Chris Piper, Fr, ECPI University
As an incoming Freshman, Piper solidified his role on the starting line up early. He consistently creates plays out of nothing. He scored five goals this week and had a team high 13 shots.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Player of the Week – Miguel Miranda, Sr, NJCU
Miguel was the last player in the third series of crew battles against the only other undefeated 5-0 team in the conference. The other team was also down to their last player, which had just taken out NJCU’s captain. Despite the pressure, Miguel stayed calm and claimed victory for the Knights to secure their 6-0 lead in the conference.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Rookie of the Week – Theo Cannamela, Fr, SUNY Canton
Theo has been an amazing addition to the esports SUNY Canton program, coming in as Freshman he has been a shining star among the SSBU players at SUNY Canton. His specialization in heavies allows him to take many stocks against lighter opponents, providing much needed advantages for the rest of his team. For example, he took 5 stocks against Nazareth in a shocking 2-1 reverse, and did the same to CCSU in a 2-1.

Fortnite Player of the Week – Johnny Makuch, So, Randolph – Macon College
Johnny led his team with 9 kills and a 5th place finish. With his strong finishes throughout the season, RMC currently ranks 3rd overall.

Fortnite Rookie of the Week – Ethan Northrop, Fr, SUNY Canton
Northrop performs well under pressure and is comfortable in a gunfight. A new addition to the SUNY Canton Fortnite team, he has been racking up dozens of eliminations this semester.

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