DANBURY, CT— Dustin Miller, a sophomore majoring in Computer Information with a network track, realized his passion for playing video games at a young age. He began playing casual story mode games and as he got older transitioned into Call of Duty, Smite, and League of Legends, where he discovered his route to go competitive. As soon as he found out that Stevenson competed in Overwatch, he stopped playing League of Legends and immediately tried out, making the team.

Dustin quickly noticed the team was facing difficulties with lack of leadership (they had no coach) and chemistry. He took the role of captain as a sophomore and has guided the team in the right direction. He emphasizes the value his co-captain Megan (middle, bottom row) adds to the team. Where he lacks in scheduling and time management, she picks up with no hesitation and does a phenomenal job. “It’s a very different team,” he says. “We slowly started grinding and realized what we’re here for which is to simply win and put our name out there for esports.”

Dustin noted that playing video games and competing in collegiate esports has brought him great life experiences. He still plays online with his friends back home in Frederick, Maryland and has created lifetime friendships with his Overwatch team at Stevenson. “I happen to not only do esports, but I’m on a fraternity on campus and also do track and field” he said. “It’s great to have a team that supports all of my other passions and to have around.”

The Stevenson University Overwatch team has had a strong 2-1 start to their season. Dustin says “it feels like nothing can stop us, we’re feeling as good as ever with no motive to slow down.” He added that the team is confident and looking forward to competing in the ECAC Esports Championships at HV Gamer Con in Albany, New York on March 30th and 31st.

Established in 1938, the ECAC is the nation’s largest Conference, ranging in location from Maine to Georgia, and westerly to Missouri. The ECAC hosts numerous championships in men’s and women’s sports across Divisions I, II and III, offering opportunities for thousands of student-athletes. For more information, visit www.ecacsports.com.

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